The company “KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” Ltd. was founded in 2010 like a private one. It is a successor of the company “KHAN ASPARUH – BG” Ltd. (comes from Trade and Marketing Department of the former Military Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment Repair Factory established on March 3rd 1952).

The main subject of its activity is foreign trade and consulting activities with civil and defense related products.

“KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” occupies a good position in the contemporary economical life of Republic of Bulgaria and in the region. Using the relations with Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior Affairs and Ministry of Economics Authorities the Company successfully solves its tasks and harmonizes its Company policy in compliance with the needs and goals of these Ministries.

Our present efforts are directed at the implementation of the projects on upgrade and modernization of the available Bulgarian military equipment with regard to joining to NATO and the new requirements towards the Army equipment standards. In our work on these projects we maintain vigorous contacts with American and Western Europe manufacturers of military equipment under NATO standards.

“KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” analyzes quickly and with great interest each possibility for co-operation and offers its professional, correct and reliable collaboration.


The company is specialized to supply items, engines, avionics, equipment, armament and spare parts. The Company successfully organizes repairs and overhauls of aircraft and helicopters, property of the Bulgarian Air Force as well as of other countries. Thanks to the current connections with the authority of the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Air Force the Company is able to organize training activities for pilots and ground equipment staff and thus to contributes to better qualification in service of the aviation technique.

KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” executes its main projects in the area of aviation as follows:

  • Deliveries of spare parts, aggregates and equipment under projects or reactivation of training aircraft L – 39;
  • Deliveries of main rotors blades and tail rotor blades for Mi – 17 and Mi – 24 helicopters;
  • Deliveries of spare parts for Mi – 17 and Mi – 24 helicopters;
  • Arrangement of overhauls of L – 39 training aircraft and Mi – 17 and Mi – 24 helicopters.

Military equipment: Delivery of items, overhaul, spare parts:

  • Ammunitions:
    • For Small-Arms Weapons;
    • For Anti-tank Weapons;
    • For Aviation and Anti-aircraft Weapons;
    • For Artillery Systems and Mortars;
    • Fuses and Primers.
  • Infantry Armament. Assault Rifles;
  • Machine Guns. Hand Grenades;
  • Anti-tank Weapons;
  • Air Defense Weapons;
  • Ground and Underwater Mines and Accessories;
  • Aiming and Surveillance Equipment.

At the beginning of its existence “KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” executed activities connected with civil aviation and later in succession with contacts extension and proper strategic management started to work with military air systems too.

The company is holder of License for right of internal trade with arms and ammunitions and complete License to carry out export, import and transfer of defense related products and Certificate for registration of brokerage activity with defense related products between two third parties issued by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. Such License and Certificate are to be reissued every five years on the strength of achieved financial results, business propriety and strict observance of the peculiar requirements of this kind of business.

The company trades with the production of all Bulgarian manufacture factories being constituent part of the Bulgarian Military Industry and holds excellent relations with Military Repair Factories in Bulgaria.

“KHAN ASPARUH TRADE” maintains business contacts with the countries from Europe, Nord and South America, Arab Countries, Central and South Africa.

Thanks to the good working contacts with companies and military equipment manufacturers from distinguished countries, now the Company works on projects for joint production of different products. We do this leaned on up-to-date high technological equipment of the Bulgarian military factories and their qualified personnel of engineers and specialists.

The strategy of the Company now is turned to support and broaden of the Bulgarian military production markets, participates either in tenders, organized by Ministries of Defense in some countries or executes direct deliveries.

Already created excellent relations in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe are precondition for successful bidding in tenders organized by Ministry of Defense of Republic of Bulgaria.